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When legal matters are at the forefront of your mind, it's important to consult an experienced lawyer who will put your best interests first. While Eberhardt & Hale began principally as a criminal law firm, we have since developed even broader expertise and services in the areas of business law, civil litigation and real estate transactions in Athens, GA. Our client-focused approach has set us apart from other attorneys in the Northeast Georgia area since 2002.

Seeing to legal matters for the students, staff, alumni, families, and visitors of the University of Georgia (UGA) is a significant part of our practice. If you're accused of a crime, injured, involved in a legal issue on or near campus, or moving, you can depend on us for exceptional, stress-calming representation.

From criminal defense to business law to real estate, an attorney at our firm can help you with all your legal questions. Out of our Five Points location, we serve clients throughout the entire Athens and Northeast Georgia area.

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Client-focused service

You can always depend on us to put your needs first. Whether you're negotiating a real estate transaction or facing charges under criminal law, our firm will be there to support you every step of the way. We give our clients one-on-one guidance throughout the legal process, so you'll work directly with a skilled attorney.

A Commitment to Client Service

Eberhardt & Hale was founded in 2002 with a commitment to providing quality legal services to the people of Northeast Georgia in a small firm setting.

In every matter, Eberhardt & Hale works with determination to achieve our client's objectives. But a successful outcome involves more than just discovery, legal briefs and motions. We believe that the building blocks to legal success begin with a close relationship between attorney and client.

In your case, we will stay in close contact with you throughout the legal process. When you call, we will respond as quickly as possible. We will answer your questions and address your concerns.

Your future is important to us - and we will do everything we can to achieve positive results for you.