Specialized Expertise on Trespass/Damage to Timber, Trees, and Woods

If you have suffered tree damages or timber trespasses anywhere in the State of Georgia, do not accept anyone trying to convince you that your tree was only worth pulpwood value or the cost of a sapling until you have spoken with someone knowledgeable on Georgia tree laws. Take images of your trees (so the harm is preserved) and call Eric Eberhardt today.

A single healthy, decades-old tree can be worth $25,000 or more alone, perhaps even more than the land under it. As land becomes scarcer from population growth and development generally, more and more unreasonable intrusions and harm are being done to trees. Be it (1) timberland trespassed upon by other timber companies/loggers failing to identify or mark the correct tract or just harvesting across property lines, (2) home site trees, tree lines, and woods being damaged by landscapers or contractors onsite or on adjoining property; or (3) a neighbor killing or injuring a decades-old oak tree or Chinese Maple from Roundup, weed poison, or harmful clearing activities across a property line; the damage is real and irreparable.

A few years, concerned GEORGIA legislators enacted laws to help owners recover their losses. While an identical, healthy tree can't just be exchanged for the damaged one, GEORGIA law will award you civil penalties because of it.

AND, Eric Eberhardt of Eberhardt & Hale has experience and success in working with knowledgeable arborists to apply these GEORGIA laws to ensure his clients receive the fullest recovery for damages and trespasses to their trees and timber.