Navigate Civil Litigation the Right Way

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in the Athens, GA area

When matters move into the courtroom, things get far more complicated. Before you show up for your court date, hire a civil litigation attorney you can depend on for strong, relentless representation. Eberhardt & Hale works with both plaintiffs and defendants in Athens, GA and the surrounding area.

Resolving property disputes is much easier with experienced representation. Reach out to our real estate litigation attorney now for more information.

When should you contact us?

We offer assistance with business, civil and real estate litigation matters. You should contact us if...

  • You and your neighbor have a dispute about your property lines.
  • You want to dispute an easement on your property.
  • You're dealing with a breach of contract within your business.
  • You're injured due to someone else's negligence.
  • Your tenant is refusing to pay their rent.

When it comes to civil litigation matters, it's important to hire a knowledgeable attorney. Schedule a consultation with our firm today by calling 706-549-1965.