Knowledgeable about Real Estate Law

Unlike many attorneys in other law firms, the attorneys of Eberhardt & Hale actually practice in the area of Real Estate Law by regularly handling residential and commercial real estate closings, conducting title examinations and issuing title insurance policies. As a result, they often have a much better understanding of the complex issues involved in real estate disputes than other attorneys. This expertise can prove invaluable in a real estate dispute whether it involves an issue of title, a boundary line dispute, a breach of covenants, or a contract matter.

Skilled and Dedicated Advocates

At Eberhardt & Hale we are experienced in Real Estate Litigation and combine our litigation and trial skills with our expertise in Real Estate Law to assist clients involved in real estate disputes of all kinds throughout Northeast Georgia.

Free Consultation with a Real Estate Litigation Attorney

For a free initial telephone consultation with Eberhardt & Hale about a real estate matter, call 706-549-1965 or contact us by e-mail.