Traffic Offenses & License Suspensions

Traffic laws in Georgia are more complex than many people realize. Your privilege to drive can be at stake when allegations of serious traffic offenses arise - or if you do not respond to traffic tickets. Driver's license suspensions can complicate everyday life for most people. Getting to and from work, picking up the kids, going to the grocery store and traveling to and from any of life's activities can be hampered when a license is suspended.

Advocacy For License Protection And Reinstatement

At Eberhardt & Hale in Athens, we represent people who are charged with serious traffic offenses and face possible suspension of their driver's license. Attorney M. Eric Eberhardt is experienced and knowledgeable regarding traffic offenses and the impact they can have on one's driving privileges. He serves as a traffic court solicitor for one county and has served as a traffic court judge in two municipal courts.

We thoroughly analyze the allegations and the unique circumstances our clients are facing to create the best strategy to get them back on the road. We have a deep understanding of traffic laws, including how many points attach to each offense. Our goal is to obtain the most favorable outcome related to serious traffic allegations, as well as to help drivers protect their privilege to drive. For individuals with suspended licenses, we provide legal guidance and advocacy aimed at getting their licenses reinstated. We explore every option, including whether a limited driving permit is available under the circumstances of a specific case.

DUI-Related License Suspensions

When DUI allegations threaten a driver's ability to drive legally, we fight hard to challenge the license suspension. It is important to note that in a DUI case, the license suspension is automatic if you do not act promptly. Drivers accused of DUI have only 10 days to challenge the license suspension or revocation. Moreover, some drivers may not realize that any challenges to the license suspension are handled in an administrative proceeding that is separate from the criminal DUI charges. For these reasons, it is vital to contact our DUI defense lawyers as soon as possible to protect all of your rights.

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