Wrongful Death Attorney in Athens, Georgia

After an accident that takes the life of a loved one, the future can seem dark and uncertain. How will you ever recover from the tragic event that has happened?

At Eberhardt & Hale we help family members obtain compensation, answers and justice in cases involving wrongful death and other catastrophic events. We are experienced and determined to succeed in these complex and challenging cases.

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The Legal Process

In a wrongful death case, there are two basic steps - demonstrating the liability of the other party and documenting the losses suffered by the family. Eberhardt & Hale will work diligently to document the cause of the accident, using a professional accident investigator when necessary.

Our attorneys will work to build a strong and solid case, pressing your matter forward with energy and determination.

What is the Value of a Life?

In our legal system, obtaining compensation is the only means to obtain justice in wrongful death cases. Eberhardt & Hale will carefully prepare your case and seek to obtain maximum compensation for the losses you have suffered. This will likely include a claim for medical costs, lost income, the pain and suffering of the departed and the emotional suffering experienced by the family.

An important part of this effort involves understanding what your loved one meant to you and the effect the loss has had on the life of your family. We will also work with an economist to determine the amount of income that your deceased loved one would have contributed to your family.

In short, we will take the full measure of your loss in presenting a compensation demand to the insurance company. Our goal will be to obtain maximum compensation and justice for the departed.

We Will Be There For You

Cases involving wrongful death and catastrophic car and truck accidents are often challenging, because insurance companies can resist paying fair compensation.

Eberhardt & Hale will work vigorously at all stages of the legal process, because we know the difference that our success will make in your life. We will be there for you, from the start to the finish of your case.