The Necessity of an Estate Planning Attorney in Athens, GA

Many people are confused about the estate planning process, and often neglect to take important steps to ensure that their wishes are carried out and their loved ones are protected. Generally, every adult needs a will-a basic legal document which ensures that when you die, your property and assets are distributed as you desire, and can express your wishes on matters such as who will care for your surviving minor children. In Georgia, the probate process is simpler and less expensive than in other states, but without a will, the burden and expense is greater for the surviving loved ones. At Eberhardt & Hale we are attorneys experienced in basic estate planning and probate law. We advise clients and prepare wills, living wills, powers of Attorney, health care powers of attorney, advanced directives for health care, and other related documents.

Representation in Probate Court

Our attorneys also advise clients and represent them in dealing with Probate Court issues such as will probates, the administration of estates, and guardianship proceedings. If situations arise in which family members or loved ones find themselves in an adversarial position, the attorneys of Eberhardt & Hale are dedicated and skilled advocates in Probate and Estate Litigation for matters such as will contests and charges of Executor wrongdoing.

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